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The pandemic left many professionals with no choice but to work from “home”, accelerating the trend of remote work. Millions of people moved from a largely office-based job to home-based work. With the aid of video-calling services, such as MS Teams and Zoom, they are still able to communicate with colleagues and clients without leaving their homes. More importantly, leading companies, such as Facebook, Google and Amazon, have announced that their employees might work from home for the foreseeable future, if they wish to Visit here.


The remote work trend has also made more of us realise that we do not have to work for an organisation in the place or country where we live. Consequently, we no longer need to cross borders to work for the organisation that we want to work for. This separation between where we decide to live and where we decide to work widens our job opportunities and prospects significantly.


Benefits for companies


The work remote approach also has significant benefits for companies. First, it allows companies of all sizes to recruit from a wider and diverse pool of talent. Second, having a remote workforce, means that companies can save on office space and other costs, such as relocation costs and costs associated with temporary housing for international recruits.


As a result of the EU’s free movement rules, immigration paperwork is not required if the individual has EU citizenship and wants to live and work from anywhere in the EU.


As a result of Brexit, free movement of persons between the EU and the UK ended on 31 December 2020. British citizens who had moved to the EU are required to apply for settled status if they want to stay.


Brexit therefore results in more limitations for British citizens who want to live in the EU – for a while or permanently – while continuing to work for a company in the UK. At the same time, the remaining 27 EU Member States are continuing to allow their citizens the flexibility to study, live, and work and across the continent. EU citizens can decide freely to work in one Member State while living in another with no requirement to complete any paperwork. The opportunities are endless, but not for UK citizens.


Brexit also will continue to have significant negative consequences for the UK’s economy. While the UK has given priority to so-called “control over national borders” over free movement in a world that moves to location-independent working, this has made the life of many British citizens a nightmare.



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