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You should pick a skateboard shoe depending on the type of skating you’ll be doing and how experienced you are at skateboarding. If you are new to skateboarding cup soles are recommended for their improved safety protection and support while vulcanized soles offer a better board feel whi

The material that the shoe is made from should be strong, resilient, and as much as possible, resistant to dirt, dust, and grime. The different parts or components of the upper should be at least double-stitched for strength. The most common materials are canvas, textiles, and rubber see this

You don’t have to sacrifice style for safety and functionality. There are stylish longboard shoes like DC, Nike, and Adidas. You may also love the minimalistic shoe style, and thus, a pair of Vans is the best for you.


Overall, the shoes for longboarding must be comfortable to wear. It must be easy on the feet and must not be too tight on the toes and ankles. You must break in your shoes too for at least a few weeks so you’ll be comfortable wearing them. 


Skateboarding is an increasingly popular sport that is also regarded as an art form, means of entertainment, and a means of commute over short distances for some. Skating has millions of fans around the world and is an industry worth billions of dollars. Part of this industry caters to the needs of people who participate in the sport and the shoes they need for skateboarding. Over the years, many people have been asking questions about skateboarding.

A particular question got our attention, and it is: Can you skateboard with any shoes? The answer to this question is YES and NO. Yes, it is possible to skate in other shoes, however, not every shoe is suitable for skating (for example, you shouldn’t skate with high heels).


Skateboard shoes have even become a fashion fad over the years with Vans, a shoe company that was one of the first to start catering to the needs of skaters becoming one of the biggest shoe brands in the world. There are other skateboard shoe brands that have achieved global success like Supra and even Nike and Adidas have tried to get in on the skateboarding shoe business.


Skateboarding is similar to other sport in that it has its own recommended equipment and precautions to be followed to ensure the safety of those participating in the sport.


You can skate with any shoes but the shoes you choose to use are a huge factor that can affect your skating either positively or negatively. Skate shoes are specifically designed to help you skate better which is why they are on the list of recommended equipment for skating. Skateboarding shoes are designed with thick flat soles so whoever is skating can feel the board accurately beneath his feet, most skateboard shoes also have an oversized tongue to help protect your foot from possible injury while skating.


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