Why do I need a managed router service?

The provider of your managed router service will make sure that you get regular router upgrades, so your network can perform optimally.

Managed network services are networking applications, functions, and services that can be outsourced to be remotely operated, maintained, and monitored. The managed service providers who do this can range from niche services providers to global telecommunications providers.

Why do I need a managed router?
Taking care of your network is a task that pulls your IT team away from the core of your business, pulling their focus onto troubleshooting instead of innovating. With managed router service, you get access to experts who can ease this burden on your staff. Specialists can take over the time-consuming process of managing network hardware and software.

Do I need a router with a managed switch?
A managed switch can be used to connect multiple devices and manage ports and VLAN settings, as opposed to a router that only directs data in a network and passes it between different computers, or between your computers and the modem.

Switches play a vital role in most business networks. They connect individual devices both with each other and with routers. This makes it possible both to share internal resources and to access the internet. Switches are so important that it's definitely worth investing in a managed switch service. With that in mind, here is a quick guide to some key points you need to know.

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