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CCNA and Network+ approach different materials and levels of experience. This post by Ashley Wheeler compares CCNA with CompTIA Network+ certification. Network certification jobs are on high demand.

CompTIA Network + certification can help you start or contribute to a career in networking, cyber security, Linux administration, or related domains. Network + is a basic certification, but you should not necessarily downgrade it, especially if employers submit certification for jobs.

This post asks these queries to determine if Network + certification is for you:

Does your organization or employer require Network +?

Who will pay for exam preparation and certification?

How to combine your experience and knowledge with network requirements Does network + achieve your career goals?

What does Network + cover on the network?

How does Network + differ from other network certifications?


In the private sector, certification is not a requirement, but some employers may require you to maintain certification or obtain certification within a specified period after hiring.

In addition, hiring managers may need to verify certain skills, experience and certification requirements when reviewing their CVs. If you do not have Network + certification, you may be disqualified from a group of candidates. This is not intended to eliminate staff with a significant network and general IT experience that an hiring manager must recognize and ignore certification requirements. Every job and employer varies.

In the public sector, the government-mandated D0DD 8570 requires CompTIA Network + and similar certifications to work for specific agencies.

The certifications demonstrate an understanding of the exam objectives stated by the CompTIA exams. An individual can spend enough time studying and understanding the network for the CompTIA Network + exam, but this does not guarantee that he will become a successful network administrator or technician. Only time will tell.


When employers pay, there are very few reasons to say no.

Now suppose you are between jobs or looking for a better job and need to pay for certification. Vincent Cesca, one of our bloggers, explained how he studied A + certification and paid for it himself. Why did he spend the money on the exam? He believed that the experience and initiative of the study showed that he earned the certification he deserved.


He considered the money spent as a valuable investment in his future, especially compared to the higher costs of college courses.


Individuals may refer to CompTIA A +, Network + and Security + certifications as "entry level" credentials required only for those with little or no experience in information technology and without basic network knowledge. When looking for vacancies, you will notice that the classification of the "entry level" varies according to job descriptions and human resources managers.

The entry level applies to beginner IT professionals, with 0 to 3 years of work experience. We found in Phoenix TS students from different backgrounds, including beginners with significant experience, who are doing Network + training. The decision to train or to go directly to the tests after the minimum of study ultimately depends on the person or organization that pays the person to certify.

Before you begin preparing for or testing your certification, talk to your training manager, long-term training consultant, and reflect on the power of your knowledge and measured experience by the CompTIA + networks and exam objectives described by CompTIA. .

  1. Does Network + achieve your career goals?

If you are currently following Network +, A + or Security +, I doubt you have made a full career in the next five to ten years. A + certification jobs salary are very high

Only if you plan to follow a path as a network administrator, consider skipping A + certification. However, as you'll read in the next section, A + and Network + are connected in more ways than you might think.


The network does not allow towards totally reject the considerate of the hardware. Critics can either directly ignore or override A + certification, calling it useless certification for absolute beginners who know nothing.

A user on a certification thread entitled "CompTIA Network + or A + before CCNA" described the connection between Network + software and understanding of A + hardware:

"The network connects physical devices, most often these devices are computers. Hardware, such as network interface cards (NICs) on computers, is required to allow systems to happen. Understanding how NICs are implemented and how different network protocols are configured, differences between USB and serial devices, etc. will help you gain a solid foundation for building the rest of your network knowledge. "

For a complete understanding of Network + addresses on the network, see the Network + review goals below:

  •         Network concepts
  •         Infrastructure
  •         Network security
  •         Network operations
  •         Network tools and troubleshooting
  1. How does Network + vary from CCNA or other network certifications?

CCNA and Network + approach different materials and levels of experience. This post by Ashley Wheeler compares CCNA with CompTIA Network + certification. Network certification jobs are on high demand.



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